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The Humane Space

Wonder Within

The Humane Space encourages you to dive deep. The digital platform's collections of original content create opportunities to contemplate big ideas. Wide-ranging topics can be explored through video, audio, written, and interactive media. It encourages a heightened understanding of the world around us by feeding curiosity, fostering imagination and delving into the complex human experience.


The Humane Space






The Humane Space platform stimulates brains and opens minds. They inspire personal and professional growth while sparking connections and catalyzing creativity. In motion, the logomark fluidly reveals the unknown and unexpected, opening the brand device for imagination to come to life.

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HS Phone Mockups 1
HS Phone Mockups 2
HS Laptop Website 1

The final identity leans into curiosity, flexibility and wonderment, building upon a wide variety of content and visual excitement while imagining what’s next. It offers fresh focus, allowing us to build a flexible, cohesive and meaningful identity system for The Humane Space where elements of the brand showcase people, photography and ideas wrapped and in focus.

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HS Billboard 1
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Brand Guide

Much more than a set of rules, our brand guide for The Humane Space is a kit of parts that allows their team to confidently speak with their own voice — from colors to fonts and photography treatments. Special attention was paid to color pairings with photography so typical tones feel complementary and connected.

Logotype + Logomark

HS Logo Diagram 1

qualities of the logo

The bracket form is shared between words of the logotype. Like an exchange or potential connection, the possibilities and filled space are limitless. The logotype retains a curious shift in orientation emphasizing a meandering and personal path to learning. It’s a thought provoking, slower engagement where the logotype reflects flexible points of entry into exploration and wonder.

In it’s elongated state, the bracket form begins to look device-like implying dimensionality and context. This graphic device can extend The Humane Space brand identity without relying on the full logo.

HS Logo Mark Series 1
HS Logo Series 1