Firebelly is the real deal. We push ourselves to excel at our craft and work together to make each other better. We share our ideas and want to hear yours. This is true collaboration, not just handing a project from one part of the team to the next.

We care about how our files are set up and how we manage our time. We genuinely enjoy each other's company and spend time together outside the studio, sometimes on trips to beautiful places as a group. We play "sports" against other design agencies in town for a really important trophy. We have a healthy lunch every day, made by our in-house chef (follow #feedingthefirebelly). We're smaller than some but bigger than others. Just the right size to keep the family feeling. We love our personal lives too. Many of us teach and mentor others—we all care deeply about our communities. We invest in education and find ways to help you pursue your personal passions. Firebelly is unlike just about any place we've ever worked. Some call it a dream job. Others are still surprised that it feels fresh and exciting 20 years in. Every day is an adventure.

We hope you've got the experience, hard skills and a kickass portfolio of work and that you share it thoughtfully, honestly and without ego. We hope you love good conversation—with the team, the clients and the folks who deliver our packages. We hope you love the process as much as the outcome, even when the outcome is nowhere in sight. 

Is today the day for something new? 

Even if there isn't an opening that fits your skills, we are always interested in hearing from talented folks, especially folks from underrepresented communities. You never know when the right opportunity will open up!

Previous Openings

Full-time Senior Designer
  • 3 month contract to start
  • Minimum 6 years agency/studio work experience
  • Must be able to work in our Chicago office (no remote, sorry)
  • Exceptional skills across all Adobe tools
  • Solid print + digital skills, as well as experiential space design
Full-time Strategist

We're adding another strategist to our growing team of human-centered, design-thinkers. A few important qualities we hope you have are:

  • strong writer and confident presenter
  • thoughtful listener and empathetic communicator
  • unafraid of asking questions and admitting you don't know something
  • enjoy helping others share their ideas and craft their voice
  • you agree less is more, and you're attentive to concise word counts
  • you're comfortable writing in multiple venues, from client emails and presentation decks, to web copy and ad campaigns
  • you thrive in a fast-paced, multi-project environment where learning is at the core
  • 3 month contract to start
  • must be able to work in our Chicago office
  • minimum 3 years agency/studio work experience ideally in brand strategy
Full-time Contract Designer

4 month contract to start with option for renewal or possible hire

  • Minimum 2 years agency/studio work experience
  • Ideal person can work on-site, but we will consider remote for the right person
  • Exceptional skills across all Adobe tools
  • Solid print + digital skills, as well as experiential space design
Full-time Design Apprentice

A rare opportunity that comes but once a year (if that). We are looking for our next great budding designer and would love to add another beautiful human to the growing team.

A few important qualities we hope you have are:

  • thoughtful listener, note taker and appreciative of feedback
  • unafraid of asking questions and admitting you don't know something
  • checking your ego at the door, because you know deep in your soul, we really are all in this together
  • you enjoy fast-paced, multi-project environments where collaboration is truly at the core of every project's success
  • you love designing brand systems and can't wait to learn how to make them cohesive, engaging brand experiences
  • hunger for knowledge, honing your craft and understanding that we all feel like imposters in here

Things we hope to teach you:

  • strong communication skills and confidence in talking about and presenting your work
  • how to really collaborate with a team (not just pass things off from one person to another)
  • type. type. type and more type. oh and grids because they go hand-in-hand. you think you know them now... trust us, we can teach you a thing or two
  • proper file setup, color distinctions and organization for both print + digital execution
  • how the other half lives, i.e. the biggest part of collaboration is understanding and empathy for the rest of your teammates work
  • how to learn from your mistakes (and yes, we know you will make a few)

Important considerations:

  • this is a 6 month contract with optional 6 month renewal
  • success in this position does not guarantee a full-time salaried job, but it is on the right path
  • professional experience is not necessary, but if you do have some, that's ok too
  • must be able to work in our Chicago office (no remote)
  • paid monthly stipend, sans benefits for initial contract
Full-time Project Producer

We are seeking a Project Producer to join our project management team. Producers are hybrids between Account and Project Managers, with an emphasis on process.

We hope you are:

  • a fearless, proactive communicator who values transparency, curiosity and honesty
  • a thoughtful problem solver with stellar organizational skills and meticulous attention to detail
  • adaptable to change, comfortable with ambiguity and eager to chart the course ahead
  • experienced and comfortable with digital tools like Paymo, Basecamp 2, Dropbox + Slack (though if there are others you particularly love, do tell us)

We want you to:

  • take ownership of and accountability for the health of your projects from start to finish
  • create and maintain project timelines, identifying key milestones, delegating tasks to team members and keeping clients up-to-date on progress
  • manage budgets, tracking hours spent in each project phase and sharing regular updates with clients
  • collaborate with strategy, design and development teams to create holistic project plans, anticipate challenges, coordinate solutions and keep us moving forward
  • facilitate productive, positive conversations with studio team as well as clients, ensuring all are on the same page and understand next steps
  • coordinate efficient, effective meetings and workshops, which includes scheduling, A/V set-up, team prep, time management, taking notes and sharing summary reports as appropriate
  • oversee the production process, coordinating with team members, clients and third-party vendors to spec projects, solicit quotes, create schedules, complete quality assurance and ensure delivery on time and budget
  • develop and nurture client relationships, ensuring our clients understand and engage in our creative process, hold up their end of the bargain and come to you with their questions and concerns
  • lead project post-mortem sessions, creating honest space for team members (and the occasional client!) to reflect on process triumphs, challenges and opportunities for improvement
  • balance our pragmatic need for efficiency with our spiritual desire for creative play, intense collaboration and extraordinary work
  • 3 month contract to start
  • minimum 3 years agency/studio work experience