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After 40 years of shaping civic engagement and dialogue, the Illinois Humanities Council was ready to embark on a Year of Change. First step: drop Council from the name. Next, develop a fresh brand identity to kickstart the next chapter of its life. With a new name and brand firmly in place, Illinois Humanities came to us for a complete website overhaul.

Our mission for the new site was two-fold: educate and engage. As the first major communications piece following the organization’s rebrand, the website needed to offer a compelling story, intuitive navigation and a comprehensive overview of IH’s many programs and offerings. We also needed to ensure that new visitors and potential supporters could use the site to develop a firm understanding of what the humanities are and their value in daily life.


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The site, like the organization itself, was designed to encourage curiosity and reveal new thoughts and ideas with every interaction. Colors change at random every time a new page loads, creating a fresh, continuous sense of interactivity and energy.

We also built in opportunities for discovery and engagement throughout, such as the dynamic Thought of the Day feature, which inspires reflection and invites visitors to participate by submitting their own contributions.

The redesigned site conveys and reflects IH’s mission and vision at every level. It will help the organization more effectively reach a new generation of humanists and thinkers while positioning Illinois Humanities as a trusted champion of important ideas for years to come.

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