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Art + Science Salon

The Barber Shop: Where Beauty Meets Beard

The Barber Shop first opened inside Art + Science Wicker Park, tucked into a cozy corner where the thoroughly modern man could lean back for a full service shave, maybe pick up some pomade. The concept took off and soon enough, The Barber Shop opened its first dedicated storefront in Logan Square. 

The Barbershop at Art + Science Logo

We’d previously worked on the Art + Science brand overhaul , so we had a great handle on the core brand, allowing us to adapt elements just enough to give The Barber Shop its own distinctive identity. 

Mid-century typographic touches, a distinguished dash of silver and some sepia tones played up the retro-modern vibe. The space itself is pretty minimalist, with sophisticated wood and leather accents, a place where the bearded, mustachioed and simply stylish could trust their coifs would be in good hands.

Art + Science Logo System and Custom Typeface
Art + Science Grand Opening Invitation
Art + Science Printed Collateral
Art + Science Printed Collateral
Art + Science Custom Typeface
Art + Science Interior Shot