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Flor sketchbooks with the word Create printed on the cover


Modular Brand Design for the Cult Favorite in Custom Rugs

With stars in their eyes and major growth on the horizon, FLOR was in need of a comprehensive rebrand—new logo, new messaging, a top-to-bottom overhaul of their identity system and a refreshed strategy for 20+ retail stores nationwide. 

As longtime fans of the custom rug company, we were up for the challenge. And with FLOR eager to find a true collaborator for the project—a team that wouldn't dictate, but arrive at solutions together, it was a match made in design heaven. 

Together, we set out to refine FLOR's story, sell the design experience and convert browsers to brand loyalists. After a thorough language audit and intensive store research, we found plenty of room to strengthen the brand and consumer experience. We began by crafting a short, memorable tagline—Creative Rug Design—and a lively logo to convey FLOR's sense of freedom, play and flexibility.

And that was just the beginning. 


Retail + Consumer




FLOR Logo Animation
FLOR Single Door Vinyl Signage

Brand & Identity System

There’s a reason FLOR has such a fervent cult following; they put real time into developing relationships with all who walk into their space to ensure that each customer ends up with exactly what they want. From seasonal catalogs and event invites to business and thank you cards, every piece of print collateral helps connect people to the brand and reinforce their love for FLOR.

We developed a robust system of thoroughly modern, modular elements, including a broad, beautiful palette of brand colors and undertones, grid-based system of custom marks and suite of icons that captures the clever simplicity of FLOR’s product and process. With both a print and interactive digital brand guide, we provided in-depth instructions for using and combining elements in unique configurations, so every piece feels personal, colorful and undeniably FLOR.

FLOR Business Cards with Flexible logo Branding
FLOR Thank You Cards
Three FLOR Customer Catalog Covers
Three FLOR Customer Catalog Covers
FLOR Catalog Inside Spread
FLOR Catalog Feature Spread Design Pull Quote and Interview
FLOR Catalog Spread Detail
FLOR Catalog Product Spread and Detail

Creative Tools

As we dove deeper into creating the ideal consumer experience, we quite literally put ourselves in a new customer’s shoes, going on a secret shopping mission to map specific needs and obstacles throughout the design process.

Understanding firsthand the value of timely support and specific information at different touchpoints, we drafted and crafted a family of user-friendly design tools: meticulously organized Inspiration Binders, a handy how-to piece, product packaging and a pocket-sized sketchbook — a must-have for doodlers everywhere.

FLOR Square Foldout Booklet Cover

Core Values + Benefits

FLOR Brand Icons for beautiful, functional, intelligent
FLOR Brand Icons for durable, reyclable, washable, lovable, replaceable
FLOR Square Foldout Booklet & Custom Icons
FLOR Square Foldout Booklet Type Hierarchy
FLOR Square Foldout Trifold Booklet interior
FLOR Inspiration Binder with Faux Wood Cover and laser engraved FLOR logo
FLOR Inspiration Binder with Faux Wood Cover and laser engraved FLOR logo
FLOR Inspiration Binder Intro Page Template
FLOR Inspiration Binder Color Coded Section with Tabs
FLOR Inspiration Binder Section Template Detail
Flor sketchbooks with the word Create printed on the cover


FLOR Cut Icons
FLOR Cut Icons
FLOR Custom Desiged Notebooks Cover Detail showing the word Create printed on cover
FLOR Notebook interior
FLOR Gridded Notebook with hand holding pencil drawing
FLOR Packaging Branding Detail on box that says Creative Rug Design
FLOR Product Packaging with logo printed on front


FLOR Installation Icons
FLOR Installation Icons
FLOR Installation Icons
FLOR Installation Icons
FLOR Installation Icons
FLOR Installation Icons

Type & Messaging

At the heart of FLOR’s refreshed identity is a killer type system, built around an ultra-kinetic custom alphabet, gamely dubbed FLOR Mono.”

The system is thoughtfully structured to scale at any size and carefully balanced to hit the right notes at the right time: Worchester EF infusing core copy with warmth and humanity; pragmatic, pleasant Pitch for user-friendly specifications; and no-nonsense Replica to provide supporting details. We developed a clear type hierarchy and put it to practice right away, creating a suite of in-store messages that call out and clarify what makes FLOR so awesome.

FLOR custom font and full alphabet
FLOR Poster featuring grid design element that says Sustainable
FLOR Poster featuring grid design element that says Custom

Type + Hierarchy

FLOR brand type hierarchy chart


Finally, we brought it all together to re-envision each FLOR store as an interactive design studio — an inspirational, functional space for makers of any stripe, where you can picture the possibilities, then get to work bringing your vision to life.

FLOR Double Door Permanent Vinyl Signage
FLOR Vertical Logo Store Signage vinyl
FLOR Store Window Signage Diagrammatical Mark Detail
FLOR Gridded Messaging Kids Play Area with yellow Eames elephant toy
FLOR Gridded Messaging vinyl on hardwood floor that says  Make

The interior design prototypes, still in production phase, show how purposeful use of space and attention to texture and material can help turn a store into an experience. New window and signage systems, smart furnishings and fixtures, an updated cash wrap — we left no detail untouched. We worked with FLOR staff and partners to revitalize every inch of the space, with a focus on creating aspirational vignettes,” featuring work from local artists and craftsmen, tying back to the company’s approach to thoughtful design and mindful living.

From our first conversation with FLOR’s creative team, our partnership was a true collaboration. Together, we pushed and prodded at every idea and whittled each piece to its strongest form, ultimately achieving new clarity and giving customers the confidence to design fearlessly.

FLOR Store Render Custom Shelving and Cash Wrap Modular Signage
FLOR Store Render with Custom Shelving and Open Workspace
FLOR lasercut Wayfinding Signage
FLOR Store Render with Custom Built Wood Slat Work Station