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An education navigator looking at the camera holding a binder


Intuitive Site Design + User Experience

EdNavigator was named one of FastCompany’s Most Innovative Companies of 2020 for good reason. The nonprofit pairs families with experienced coaches, or Navigators, who help them tackle the increasingly complex education system. These personalized supports are often made available for free as an employee benefit through EdNav’s business partners. 

Because EdNavigator serves two distinct audiences—local businesses and families—with different needs, the website has to offer intentional paths to and through tailored content. How might we ensure a sophisticated, sticky user experience for all of our visitors?






Content-Forward Site Design

Since we first built the site in 2016, EdNav has grown considerably. So in 2020, we refreshed the design and user experience, while making it easier than ever for folks on the backend to upload and elevate timely content.

Full view of home page
Full view of interior page
Mobile views of EdNav website
Mobile views of EdNav website

Home to both informal blog posts and short form research, the new Ideas section helps prospective partners and supporters understand the depth of thought and experience EdNav brings to this work. A revitalized Resources vertical points families to daily exercises and curated bundles” without ever overwhelming them.


EdNav has a lot to share, from media mentions and timely statements to student worksheets and relevant research. Simple color coding helps visitors find and focus on the information they need. We also updated the component library to help our client easily build new modules, so they can rest easy knowing that whatever content they have, it will look great on any device.


New and improved forms allow visitors to sign up for only the news they’re most interested in. Let’s keep those inboxes clean and serene.

Visual Identity System Design

Logo evolution with old logo on the left compared to new logo on the right

EdNav came to us with a logo they loved. In the interest of visual simplicity and harmony, we applied a little finesse, maintaining the reference to a traditional compass and evoking guidance along a supportive pathway. Elements of the updated logo informed UI elements and iconography for an altogether cohesive look and feel.

Icon set used on the website

The brand palette centers a brilliant Goldenrod, flanked by additional yellows (carried forward from the original identity), secondary colors for healthy contrast and neutral blacks and greys to shore up the foundation. Each element of the system comes together beautifully on a consistent grid for a most pleasing aesthetic experience across print and digital media.

Grid of colors used for the website and identity
Covers of printed booklets
Covers of printed booklets with contact cards
Ed Nav Booklet 1

Firebelly brings forward good ideas and new perspectives while staying grounded in our real-world needs, priorities, and constraints. Most importantly, they care about doing top-notch work and consistently deliver it.” 

— David Keeling, Founding Partner and Chief Communications Officer

Front and back of printed booklets
Front and back of printed booklets

“What I most appreciate about Firebelly is their unique combination of high-octane creativity and friendly, flexible partnership.”

— David Keeling, Founding Partner and Chief Communications Officer