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Large award made of metal to mimic the look of a block of letterpress type

Type Directors Club

A New Chapter for a Storied Organization

The Challenge

Those of us in the design community are no stranger to the Type Directors Club. Yet after 70 years, the membership association’s numbers were stagnant. Outside of its annual competitions, the TDC was struggling to tell its own story.

The Outcome

Rather than rebrand, we reinvigorated the existing system, elevating opportunities to speak up and stand out. We generated as many ideas as possible for galvanizing public interest and zeroed in on three key areas: communication strategy, digital experience and membership outreach. We poured our energy into a welcome kit and website designed to remind the world that when it comes to type, the TDC reigns supreme.

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Type Directors Club


Art + Design


Press & Recognition:

We prioritized member outreach and revamped its digital presence to re-assert the TDC’s voice and value.


From tiny type generators to Wes Anderson title screens, type has stepped confidently into the collective consciousness. Recognizing the opportunity presented by more people taking an interest in type, the TDC adopted a new positioning statement. Equal parts provocative and playful, it’s ripe with potential for witty wordplay and secondary messaging.

Animation showing large words that read Type drives culture, community, creativity


We reorganized the information architecture and created a values-based top-level menu, giving visitors a sense of what the TDC’s all about: Recognizing Excellence, Supporting Growth and Building Community. Then we cleaned up content so they could quickly take action.

Full view of the recognizing excellence page of the TDC website


Hover interactions within interactive text boxes sprinkled throughout trigger related imagery, tagged with specific keywords.


Round tags and a custom cursor are a nod to the TDC mark, boosting the brand at different touchpoints.

Full view of TDC home page
Full view of TDC member of the month page


Exposed rules create structure, while layering defies it. A little friendly mischief can convey great confidence.


We took stock of every TDC channel, articulating clear goals and recommendations for each, from Twitter and Instagram to competition microsites and TDC central. Coupled with brand guidelines, those recommendations coalesced into a robust, user-friendly resource.


Low-hanging, yet oft-neglected fruit: showing gratitude to the folks who make you what you are. To welcome new members to the TDC community, we designed a thoughtful print piece, equal parts sophisticated and curious, with a strong dose of storytelling.

Closer cover of the TDC booklet that says Type is everywhere and hello
TDC Booklet laying flat and closed
Exterior design detail of the front and back of printed TDC booklet
Red short sheet cover with white printed TDC logo

Type, Texture and Layers of Meaning

We used typographic gestures, photography, different color stocks and die-cuts to capture the full expressive range of the TDC — from authoritative to eccentric. Layered, nested sheets and peak-through moments reveal the many ways type affects culture, creativity and community.

Interior detail of TDC booklet showing elastic binding and page layering
Interior detail of TDC booklet showing the word community and elastic binding
Interior design detail of TDC booklet showing elastic binding, page layering and die cuts

Repeating Elements

Inner nested sheets feature anchoring elements like the TDC dot, tying the tactile back to the digital space for a harmonious, end-to-end member experience. 

Interior design detail of TDC booklet
Interior design detail of TDC booklet showing elastic binding and page layering
Interior detail of TDC booklet
Interior detail of TDC booklet with large paragraph and monogram visible
Front and back of TDC booklet revealing contact details

Stats and Impact

  • 550

    Additional daily users after site relaunch

Upon launch, the TDC​.org saw a huge spike in traffic. The organization’s social media manager dove headfirst into the Brand Guide, reporting back the value of having all brand everything summed up so concisely in one handy resource. And over on Instagram, user @vivastruble perhaps summed it up best: “🔥🔥🔥.” We’ll call that a success.