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A hand holding a lit sparkler on a black background making a visual allusion to the shape of the Diagram logo


Rebranding the Family Business

The Challenge

WSOL was a family-owned web shop with a giant heart and bit of a branding problem. After 25 years of being in business, the company had grown. More people. More offerings. New leadership. Bigger and better projects all the time. And a name no one knew how to say.




Art + Design



Together, we workshopped a fresh brand strategy and new name. We equipped our dear client with all the tools they’d need to take ownership of their (truly wonderful) story and step boldly into their bright future. Hello world. Meet Diagram.


We took a deeply collaborative and interactive approach to articulating the what, how and why behind the business. What set WSOL apart from the competition was their cheerful blend of playful authority and strategic risk-taking, their all-around approachable cool, tech savvy and of course, the good time family feeling.

A brand slider chart depicting where the Diagram team aligned on company tone of voice


After brainstorming hundreds of potential names, Diagram emerged the clear winner. A diagram conveys information. Its purpose is to show the simplest and most fitting solution to a problem.” Perfect for a company committed to stellar client service and efficient solutions. And it just so happened the new name had design legs for days.

A diagram conveys information. Its purpose is to show the simplest and most fitting solution to a problem.

Seven sided primary Diagram logo
Seven sided primary Diagram logo with construction measurements

Primary Logo

Emotive, connective and scalable, the new logo references the spark of innovation — the moment where collaboration and process give way to brilliance. Intersecting lines show different ideas and perspectives coming together in a strong, unified whole.

Horizontal secondary Diagram logo with spark mark at the left and wordmark at the right
Secondary Diagram logo with construction measurements

Secondary Logo

A more straightforward read on the spark and logotype keeps the strong connection while building brand awareness.

Animation of Diagram logos spinning clockwise in repetition


With the name and identity finalized, we got to work helping Diagram launch their new brand. The Diagram identity system was designed to be not only flexible, but fun. Cards, notebooks, totes, an oh-so-cozy hoodie, campfire mugs, a step and repeat, even a custom beer can label done in collaboration with Solemn Oath (a Diagram client and neighbor!). This was one for the books.

Graphic expression of the Diagram logo printed on two different poster formats
Graphic expressions of the Diagram identity printed on two different poster formats
Two stacks of Diagram business cards showing the front and back
Four stacks of Diagram business cards showing the fronts and backs

Take One, Pass It On

Double-thick, uncoated and duplexed cards gave cost-effective digital printing a chance to feel extra special. Added plus: Diagrammers felt extra special too.

A stack of three of Diagram notebooks with logo and line work pattern visible
Two Diagram notebooks laying flat with line work and logo on the covers. One is white and the other is black.
Two mugs with the Diagram logo printed on the front. One is black and the other is white.
Tote bag with the Diagram spark mark printed large three times on the front. The bag handle is white.
Tote bag with line work and Diagram logo printed on the front. The bag handle is white.
Seven-sided black and white enamel pins featuring the Diagram logo on a black fabric background
Diagram logos printed on dark fabric


We timed the new site and brand launch to coincide with an upcoming conference — smart! That gave us two months to redesign the site. Luckily, Diagram’s top-notch dev team stepped all the way up. Together, we turned sketch-level wires into a fully functional website within 9 weeks. Come launch day, we joined our dear Diagrammers at the Hotel Indigo for a most festive occasion. We hugged, we high fived and some of us cried. Another mountain scaled. Another lesson learned. The best — and only — way forward is together.

From day one, the collaborative process of discovery, ideation and creation was a smooth and productive group effort. Firebelly’s ability to uncover and explore details about who we are and what we’re really about was a critical part of the successful outcome. Today, we finally feel like our brand truly represents us and we’re excited to introduce it to the world.”

“Partnering with Firebelly for our rebranding initiative was one of the best business decisions we’ve ever made.”

— Bill Casey CEO, Partner