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R2 Companies

Modernizing a Maverick Firm


The creative contrarians behind Goose Island’s rebirth, R2 has a nose for irreplaceable real estate and an eye for potential. Despite an impressive portfolio and track record, the firm’s story (and success) flew under the radar. Until now.

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R2 Companies


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Press & Recognition

R2 logo animation
R2 logo animation showing the variety of service names attached to the logo. R2 Companies, Core, Creative, Development

The Solution

We pored through spec sheets and toured raw spaces with the firm’s principals to learn just what it is that drives R2. And we found it — the relentless pursuit of opportunity, a fearless focus that became the cornerstone for a minimalist brand. 


From investment to development and leasing, R2 brings a design studio’s sensibility to each project. The adaptive logo highlights their core services and taste for thoughtful, technical detail. Drawing inspiration from Relative and Relative Faux, the custom display type allows numbers (i.e. addresses) to stand confidently on their own.

R2 Custom designed numeral set for property titles
R2 custom designed font and alphabet for project titles

“As a design-centric real estate developer, that toes-the-line between hospitality and commercial office, we needed a partner that would understand and be patient with our eccentricities.”

— Zack Cupkovic, Director of Special Projects


Print collateral is key to R2’s business. Understanding the need to adapt their approach from day to day, deal to deal, we developed an adaptable kit where floor plans, brochures and personalized note cards could be swapped in and out with ease.

Black clipboard with black folder and designed pages featuring custom R2 font numbers
R2 black folder kit front and back with designed sells sheets visible
Underlying page grid animation featuring thing black lines showing layout templates on a beige background

MODULAR templates

A variety of leasing sheet templates help the firm’s internal design team play to the strengths of each unique property.

R2 folder kit featuring design sell sheets and personal notecard
R2 folder kit featuring design sell sheets and personal notecard


A minimalist style atop a visible grid keeps with the brand’s sharp, technical aesthetic.

R2 floorplan layouts featuring custom floorplan illustration style and custom numerals
Close up detail of gridded note paper, R2 numerals and R2 logo on three sheets of stationery

“We don’t need to name our projects. Let the numbers do the heavy lifting.”

— Matt Pistorio, Principal


R2 letterhead and notecard layouts in grey, white and beige

notes, cards + letterhead

Subtle and streamlined, R2 stationery works with the neutral tones we saw throughout their office, with an eye-catching dash of accent red.

R2 logo printed white on a series of black business cards
stacks of R2 business cards in white, gray and beige
stacks of R2 business cards in gray, red and black
R2 letterhead and sell sheets in beige, gray, red and white

sleek signage

With our work underway, R2’s Goose Island HQ got a massive facelift in the form of a dazzle camo mural in stark black and white. Where once you could easily pass through Goose Island without ever knowing you were there, the building now commands attention. We designed spare, sleek signage to complement, rather than compete with, the overhaul.

black vinyl banner with large white R2 logo on the side of their office building
white vinyl banner with large black R2 logo on the side of their office building
Black square sign with white R2 logo on the side of their office building


Simple yet sophisticated, the new site houses only what’s needed — nothing more, nothing less. The filterable portfolio and team pages put the focus on what matters most: R2’s experience, expertise, talent and impact. For a good time, check out the before-and-after sliders on individual project pages.

“We are very excited to have a brand identity that celebrates our successes, but is also a framework that is designed to evolve as fast as we do.”

— Zack Cupkovic, Director of Special Projects
Full view of a project page on the R2 website
Full view of the team page on the R2 website


And now for something completely different…Throughout our work together, we explored the idea of a local campaign to shine a floodlight on Goose Island’s evolution from abandoned lot to Island of Opportunity, a blank canvas with a touch of grit and a whole lot of potential. 

Green and white Goose Island stickers
A graphic that says Goose Island Condensed in reference to the design of the custom font
Animation of the custom font for Goose Island
Full alphabet of the custom font for Goose Island
A series of circle stickers that use the words Room 2 with Work, play, create, grow and innovate

On Goose Island, there’s room to become just about anything.

A series of random campaign designs from postcards to building stickers
Three stickers in green and white showing Shrimp, Geese and the words Island Life with palm trees
Wayfinding signage design for Goose Island
Construction barrier signage design

Scratch-off effects, stickers, neon accents and wordplay — along with a chunky, condensed custom font — honor the island’s industrial history while creating a sense of playful possibility. Subtle allusions to R2 maintain the connection between the space and firm, while allowing the project its own personality. Here’s to a future full of opportunity.