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Immersive Storytelling in a Digital Age

Started and housed at the Kent College of Law, the Oyez Project is essentially a massive multimedia library dedicated to the US Supreme Court. You have questions about the Constitution? Oyez has answers. 

The Project’s gatekeepers hired us to design an interactive website about the Fourth Amendment (the one that protects us from illegal search and seizure) for their collection. Drawing from iconic pieces like NYT’s Snowfall and National Geographic's Killing Kennedy, we took a mountain of raw content and designed an immersive exploration of the right to privacy in America.

The site balances elements reminiscent of investigative print journalism—highly legible type with a sense of gravitas, a simple palette and dramatic imagery—with digital features like embedded media, interactive reference tools and parallax scrolling for a truly immersive experience.


Public Sector

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Oyez Chapter1
Oyez Chapter1
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