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Okay Inside

Practice Makes Progress

The Challenge

The team at Ego & Id develops digital tools that support mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. They came to us to develop the branding for their first product to market. Okay Inside is a holistic, science-backed habit tracking app that makes the process of changing daily routines feel less intimidating—and more enjoyable.


Okay Inside





After discovering all we could about audience needs and wants, we developed a brand strategy and archetype that articulate a solid foundation for the brand. The warm and approachable visual voice we arrived at encourages the user journey with ease.

Okay Inside Logo
App screen and interface

Logo + Icon System

The principle mark is full of gentle curves and humanity — and provides a natural foundation for a suite of custom icons. The relatable squishmoji” set reflect the range of users’ emotional states while the utility icons provide supportive guidance. All together, the soft symbolism lowers barriers to entry for those not yet aboard the digital wellness train.

Okay Inside Logo
Okay Inside Logo animation
Custom emoji logo sequence
Custom set of icons for Okay Inside
Custom set of icon animation for Okay Inside
Okay Inside profile badges

Brand Guidelines

Okay Inside brand guide pages overview

As the primary foundation to inform the app development team, the brand guide was a critical tool to set the team off on the right foot.

Type styles speak with a clear, neutral voice at any size. Color palettes evoke calming, natural scenes with an eye toward product functionality. Styles for future photo and illustration curation keep the brand unified over time. Beyond app-specific needs, we also created recommendations for social media and email marketing content, complete with mockups for easy reference.

“Firebelly was able to take our vision, put it through their thoughtful process, and create high quality work that aligns with our values and goals for the project.”

— André Marques
Pillow with Okay Inside logo
Rendering of Okay Inside logos and balloons
Rendering of app interface and 3D logos
Mockup of app interface
Rendering of closeup of app interface and design
Mockup of app interface
Mockup of app interface dark mode

“Elegant interface, easy to navigate through. The tour easily explains how to create habits with visual elements such as color and icons… Great pace and tone, and easy to understand.”

— Review from @rmbr21 on the Apple Store
  • ★★★★★

    4.8 out of 5 rating on the Apple Store