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Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

Introducing Collaborative for Gender and Reproductive Equity

When Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors came to us in 2019 with their vision for a new philanthropic collaborative fighting for gender and reproductive equity and focused on low-income women, women of color, and trans and gender non-conforming people—and intending to raise $100 million annually—we knew we had to be part of their mission. 

Working closely with their team, we set out to distinguish Collaborative for Gender and Reproductive Equity (CGRE) as a bold new voice in an already established philanthropic landscape. The outcome? A thoughtful new name, compelling visual identity and user-friendly website that clearly articulates both their tremendous offering and deep humanity.

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Research, Discovery and Naming

Exhaustive research, which included one-on-one interviews with grantees and organizers on the ground, revealed both excitement and cautious skepticism around the new organization’s potential. We learned that we’d need to prioritize transparency and clarity in order to gain trust. The new name embodies both.

diagram showing many dots on a squiggly line showing many ideas being funneled to one final name
Working from abundance: we cast a wide net before iterating and refining throughout our naming exercises and workshops

From there, we developed a brand strategy that elevates the collaborative’s courageous and intentional spirit, laying down the foundation for a strong visual expression.

diagram showing 4 brand attributes of cgre overlapping (innovative;hopeful;gutsy;intentional)

Visual Identity

Inspired by the new descriptive name, we created a bold, condensed and responsive wordmark that highlights its most meaningful words. An additional set of configurations can respond to any layout needs and reflects CGRE’s adaptability.

CGRE wordmark; stacked; horizontal; staggered; in coral red
Animated gif showing the CGRE wordmark's alternative usages and adaptation to various layout needs

We extracted a subtle graphic element from the wordmark to create a layout device that highlights moments of hope and self-determination. It is simple yet memorable, and underpins the versatility and scalability of the whole system.

Visualization of a bold graphic line derived from the wordmark's line height
Image of 9 pages from the CGRE brand guide

Our next step? A brand guide, complete with best practices for designing print and digital assets. The comprehensive toolkit ensures that both internal and external team members can easily generate consistent and compelling communications.


For the website, we made intentional use of the vibrant, balanced color palette throughout. While the homepage is anchored by the fiery coral red and calm, hopeful teal, the supportive pages rely on the friendly softer hues.

cgre brand colors, top to bottom: coral, grey, teal, yellow, plum, lavender, violet, light grey

True to CGRE, the website reflects a sturdy simplicity that prioritizes transparency and approachability. High-traffic UX features like the navigation are simple and understated, while linear patterns ground text and imagery.

two mobile views of the CGRE website, left is main nav overlay, right in relevant stats on home page
two mob views of the cgre website; left is the contact page and right is focus area

Collateral + Donor Materials

We elevated familiar print materials to provide something special for funder or partner leave-behinds, while a custom pocket folder subtly introduces the brand with quiet confidence. 

mockup of a cgre custom folder in teal color with letterhead inside the pocket of the folder
Mockup of 6 cgre brochures in multiple colors from the brand palette

Donor engagement materials showcase the full spectrum of color pairings and showcase opportunities to energize content-heavy pieces. 

Four colorful CGRE State one-page fact sheets
Close up shot of the cgre state fact sheets
set of multi-colored CGRE business cards
Three cgre businesscards, left to right: teal, coral and grey colored

The Collaborative takes their mission very personally so we found ways to introduce elements of personalization in small but meaningful ways. A set of multi-colored business cards gives team members a chance to express their personality. 

a photo of a protest sign that says "stronger together" in front of the white house

“Highly talented and just plain fun, Firebelly Design is a one-stop-shop that produces outstanding work.”

“Firebelly’s communication, listening and facilitation skills lead us to a new name, website and brand materials that exceeded expectations. Partnering with them is an absolute joy.”

— The CGRE Team