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Unstoppable — Manifesto Header

Together, We Are Unstoppable

Jun 28, 2018

After months of good, hard work, we’re thrilled to share the launch of Unstoppable, a new national campaign powered by Planned Parenthood.

Friends, it’s been one hell of a year.
We’ve seen the emergence of two powerful movements in #MeToo and #TimesUp.
Young people have shown us their strength as they call out #NeverAgain.
Women — and especially women of color — have been mobilizing en masse, leading the charge to push us closer to the promise of truth, equity and justice for all. 

(Shout out to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez for a stunning, beautiful victory in the NYC congressional primary earlier this week. A bright spot in an otherwise harrowing news cycle.)

Despite the weight that this year has brought down upon us, let us keep reminding ourselves that there is no wrong that can’t be made right. No harm that can’t be healed.

But it’s going to take work.
And that is what Unstoppable is all about.

“One of us can be dismissed. Two of us can be ignored. But together, we are a movement. And we are unstoppable.”

  • Unstoppable is designed to ensure that we do not lose hope.
  • That we keep our hearts and our eyes on the future.
  • That we move toward it together.
  • That when we aren’t sure what to do, we turn to each other.
  • We see in one another the strength and resolve we need to keep moving forward.
  • To keep speaking up. To hold onto joy. To have the difficult conversations that are vital to progress.

We worked long and hard with PP’s creative and communications teams, workshopping ideas and tactics for recruiting new allies and advocates. Together, we created Unstop​pableNow​.org, which brings together facts, resources, inspiration and calls to action — all of which are designed to lower the barriers to entry and induct new activists to the cause.

We encourage you, our Firebelly family, to support this work by reading and signing the manifesto, sharing it far and wide, and posting your Unstoppable stories to Instagram. Every step in the right direction is a step worth counting.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for caring. Thank you for showing up and doing the best you can today. And thank you for giving us the chance to design the world we want to live in. #WeAreUnstoppable