A Real Life Radio Campaign Gets Personal

Vocalo, Chicago Public Media's cool kid sister, wanted a uniquely engaging campaign to capture the roving eyes of a hyper-connected, young, urban audience. We worked with them to develop exactly that, using the campaign to re-image some of their online offerings and give their overall identity a more cohesive, personal edge.

Vocalo Campaign Pieces


Ad Campaign

We centered the campaign around personalities, focusing on the quirks and humor of each host to craft tongue-in-cheek and deeply relatable personal ads. Each host, with their unique interests and ideas, represented another perspective, another background, showing that Vocalo had something for everyone.

In addition to refreshing the Vocalo website and mobile app, we placed the new campaign pieces strategically around the city, targeting neighborhoods with diverse residents and younger, engaged audiences.

Vocalo Print Ad

Vocalo Business Card

Vocalo Ad Molly Elena

Vocalo Ad Shantell

Vocalo Ad Jesse Menendez

Vocalo Ad Northside Lou

Vocalo Campaign Print Pieces

Vocalo Business Card Set

Vocalo Business Card Detail

Vocalo Mobile App Integration

Vocalo Campaign Photography

Vocalo Campaign Photography

Vocalo Campaign Photography

Vocalo CTA Platform Ad

Vocalo CTA Ad

Vocalo Campaign Billboard

Vocalo Small Campaign Billboard

Vocalo Campaign Neighborhood Poster