Typeforce 4: Solid as a Rock

Typeforce is so much more than an excuse for us to celebrate the wild, beautiful field of typographic talent we have here in Chicago. It's also an opportunity for us to get weird and make some magic of our own. 

For the Typeforce 4 title wall, we cooked up Hard Times, which began as a custom type project in engraved hairline serifs that evolved into an experiment in chiseling, patience and giant stone slabs.

With guidance from concrete expert Mack Perry, we were able to transform the 72-point typeface into a six-foot tall stone sculpture. It was a fitting feat for that year's event, which drew over 1,000 attendees on opening night alone and earned a mention in Computer Arts Magazine. 


TF4 Hard Times Slab Serif Letterforms

TF4 Concrete Detail

Hard Times Font01

Concrete Detail

Concrete Detail

Hard Times Font02

TF4 Letterform Construction

Buckets Cropped

Texture Detail Wide04

TF4 Concrete IV

Concrete Corner

Texture Detail Wide03

Concrete Process

Tf4 Wall 1 Dimensions