Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Experiential Design for the Leader in Public Health

Everyone deserves to live their healthiest possible life. It’s a simple, but powerful idea, and the basis for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’ s ambitious vision for building a national culture of health.

To realize this vision, RWJF developed a comprehensive action framework, essentially a blueprint for building healthier, more equitable communities. The Foundation shared this framework for the first time at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association.

RWJF Overhead Signage

RWJF APHA2015 Booth Design


Engagement Strategy & Design

We worked with RWJF to create an immersive, interactive booth to actively engage attendees in their vision. Ever conscious of how visitors might approach, behave and move throughout the space, we designed every corner and element of the 20'x20' booth to provide value, tangible or otherwise.

In addition to prominent overhead signage and an interactive display wall, the booth included a plush attendee lounge and iPad station where visitors could browse the new Culture of Health website.

We created a brainstorming activity to help people develop their ideas for catalyzing community change, writing and designing worksheets, notebooks and portable case study cards, complete with provocative prompts, to get the creative juices flowing. Submissions were entered into a custom-built CMS that styled them into digital images and displayed them on the interactive wall, where others could browse through and upvote their favorite ideas.

APHA 2015 Attendees at RWJF Booth

RWJF Culture of Health Interactive Display Wall

RWJF Culture of Health Interactive Display Wall


Print Takeaways

The notebooks and case study cards offered attendees a concise overview of RWJF's inspired vision and approach. We condensed thousands of words into short, snappy outlines to break down, step by step, how communities across America are successfully addressing social ills.

Printed on super smooth, uncoated stock and featuring candid, real life photography, they're a handheld testament to the power of conscious collaboration and action. The notebooks feature a handy pocket meticulously sized to fit the cards. We showed up with 1,000 of each; by the end of the conference, every last one of them was gone, having inspired dozens of great new ideas to improve the lives and livelihoods of all people.

RWJF Culture of Health Case Study Cards

RWJF Case Study Card Detail

RWJF Culture of Health Action Framework Iconography

RWJF Super Smooth Uncoated Stationery System

RWJF Takeaway Notebook Interior

RWJF Notebook Insert and Pocket