World Wide Web for a Worldly Audience

PechaKucha, brilliant in its simplicity and terribly effective in form, is a presentation format has taken the whole dang world by storm. Conceived of by the social thinkers at Tokyo's Klein Dytham Architecture in 2003, the 20 x 20 format provides an ideal structure for storytellers everywhere, with nearly 900 cities hosting over 100 events every month around the world. 

PechaKucha Desktop Web


Development & Design

With guidance from the Tokyo team and their Amsterdam-based design director, we collaborated with our friends at Table XI to map, design and build a powerful, interactive website for a worldwide audience of many languages and cultures.

We began with an ultra intense brainstorming session and inception at the Table XI office to outline the goals, create the strategy and determine priorities for the new multimedia site.

Above all, we wanted to empower our diverse audience to connect to big ideas from people across the world. In addition to an interactive, 3D map of events and rich system of universal iconography, we created editable media channels that visitors could use to discover piping hot and fresh, curated content.

PechaKucha Homepage

PechaKucha Icon System

PechaKucha Tokyo Events

PechaKucha Tokyo Events Map

PechaKucha Media Page

PechaKucha Media + Map

PechaKucha Channels

PechaKucha Channel Detail