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Divvy logo on side of blue bike


Introducing the World's Friendliest Bike Share

We love Chicago—the place, the people, the get-it-done attitude. So of course we were thrilled when IDEO wanted to partner with us to name and brand Chicago’s newest transportation system, a city-wide bike sharing program.

We had just three months(!) to develop a complete brand and visual identity for Divvy Bikes, but with all hands on deck, we completed the intensive research and design process on time and in style.


City of Chicago, IDEO


Public Sector


Divvy bike with rider in downtown Chicago
Divvy Bike with rider in downtown Chicago
Two Divvy Bikes with riders in downtown Chicago at sunset


After early brainstorming sessions, we hit the streets with 26 potential names, visiting CTA stations to poll commuters about their thoughts on biking in the city. We quickly found that Chicagoans and tourists, seasoned cyclists and newbies alike valued many of the same things: safety, convenience, spontaneity and joy. These conversations also helped us narrow down our list to five names.

“Eventually, inevitably, we arrived at Divvy — it’s concise, memorable and downright fun to say, an easy addition to our city’s vernacular. Do you Divvy?”

Divvy researcher with clipboard talking to people
Divvy Brainstorming Sessions
Divvy Brainstorming Sessions with post it notes on a wall
Divvy researcher talking to CTA rider
Divvy Brainstorming Sessions drawing hypothetical bike designs
Dot voting potential names
Early Divvy logo sketches
Early Divvy logo sketches
Rejected Early Divvy logo sketches
Early Divvy logo and bike sketches


With a name approved, we began designing the identity system, starting with the logo. Given what we learned from our initial research, we knew the Divvy brand had to feel practical yet fun, safe yet stylish, and undeniably Chicago.

“We developed a custom logotype around the double‑V ligature, a typographic glyph used to indicate motion, and a street symbol used worldwide to demarcate bike lanes.”

Divvy Stationery System with envelope, letterhead and business cards

Each letter is built using right angles and geometric curves, a nod to Chicago’s infamous grid, though we did soften and smooth out the edges. The logotype alone conveys comfort and familiarity, but the system as a whole takes Divvy to a new level of urban distinction.

Close up of four Chicago stars on the side of a Divvy bike
Divvy station street signage
Divvy kiosk with person interaction
Divvy vans and bikes with logo decal on blue van
Divvy Logo System and brand guide
Divvy Brand guide and signage System guidelines

Though Chicago blue comes in a range of hues, Pantone 298c was the perfect shade — vibrant and visible even at night. We also incorporated a row of the city’s iconic six-pointed stars, modified to match the system’s geometry.

Finally, we created an über-intuitive set of system icons and a comprehensive brand standards guide covering over 40 touchpoints, from bikes and docking stations to apparel and web.

Divvy bike production in a warehouse
Divvy station signage in a warehouse
Divvy docks in a warehouse
Rows of Divvy docks in a warehouse


Within three weeks, Divvy was the busiest bike share in the world. Launched with 750 bikes at 75 stations, by 2015, Chicago had 4,760 bikes at 476 stations.

Divvy in lights on the side of a highrise building in downtown Chicago
Divvy bike Rider in downtown Chicago
Rahm Emmanuel speaking at the launch of Divvy bike share

“Divvy now lives across the city, a part of our cultural fabric. It’s democratic, engaging and empowering, paving the way for new riders every day.”

  • +4M

    Rides taken in 2021

  • +50%

    Service area expansion in 2020

  • 608

    Chicagoland Divvy stations

  • +15M

    Total Divvy rides taken