Chicago Women's Health Center

Grant for Good 2011: Community Health Moves Forward

Winner of our 2011 Grant for Good, the Chicago Women's Health Center has been hard at work for four decades, providing high quality women's healthcare in a safe, supportive environment. In all that time, CWHC had been so dedicated to their work that they hadn't had a real opportunity to dig into their own identity, map how it had evolved over the years and account for all the wonderful qualities that have set them apart in Chicago for so long. We were happy to step in and help out on that front. 

CWHC Logos


Branding & Identity

After many in-depth conversations and collaboration with the CWHC team, we completely overhauled their brand, incorporating modern design elements, high impact lettering, a brilliant, confident signature blue and assertive patterns to better capture the organization's fearlessness, humanity and thoroughly progressive approach to community care.

In addition to print materials, we also designed their new website, which was developed to include plenty of room for human stories while creating a seamless and easy experience for visitors, ushering them to the resources and services they need while building a sense of trust and confidence along the way.

CWHC Stationery + Invitation Set

CWHC Brand Detail

BW Pattern

CWHC Brand Launch Invitation

CWHC Foil Stamping Detail

CWHC Invite Inside

BW Pattern

CWHC Type System Detail

CWHC Invite Type Detail

BW Pattern

CWHC Custom Alphabet

CWHC Invite Type + Content Hierarchy

BW Pattern


Brand Launch

We celebrated the new and improved CWHC identity in style with a raucous party—complete with brass band and photo booth. The event doubled as an opportunity to introduce the new brand to the community and ensure their comfort and inclusion in the organization's future. We think we can safely say the new look and feel was well received.

CWHC Event Signage

CWHC Brand Launch Party

CWHC Brand Launch Party Band

CWHC Brand Launch Photo Booth