Democratic by Design

Since 1983, CAN TV has faithfully served as Chicago's source for the finest and freshest in public access television. The organization oversees five local channels, each one providing a platform—free from filter and commercials—for talents and voices that often go unsung.

Through the years, CAN TV has been vigilant about remaining inclusive and accessible, inviting Chicagoans of every stripe to share their ideas and passions with their city. It is, quite simply, an indispensable cultural resource.

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Web Strategy & Design

Our job was to design and develop a website, along with a content strategy, that showed the vitality, diversity and singular charm of CAN TV personalities while making it as easy as possible for community members to immerse themselves in new stories and learn how to share their own.

We streamlined the navigation, designed interactive content elements and paired authentic photography with direct messages to engage, entertain and empower visitors to take advantage of CAN TV’s platform. The new site is small, but powerful. It is colorful, useful and of course responsive. It's easy to update and maintain, so the organization's staff can focus on what they do best: amplify and celebrate Chicago's many voices.

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