The Reason for the Season

Dec 12, 2015 – by Kristin

Why give? 

Because it's winter, and it's cold, and we can help keep people warm. 

SleepOut Tents

Sleepout Chicago 20151120 13

Sleepout Chicago 20151120 13

Sleepout Chicago 20151120 13

Photos from Sleepout Chicago by Tom Tian

Because every child should believe in Santa and in the generosity of strangers.

RTG Holiday Girls 2014

Mg 0716

Mg 0716

Mg 0716

Photos from Reason to Give Holiday Party 2014 by Kyle LaMere

Because we can. 

If you're looking for a way to give back to the Chicago community and brighten some lives this holiday season, have we got some ideas for you. 

Reason to Give is hosting their annual Christmas Party and Toy Drive on Saturday, December 19. We're raising money to buy gifts and collecting new toys and gently used coats for Humboldt Park kids and families. 

And we're still raising money in support of the Broadway Youth Center, which provides a safe haven, as well as material goods, resources and free services for Chicago's marginalized youth. 

Every dollar counts, if you've got one to spare. Spread a little joy this season.