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March 20, 2016 – by Kristin

We love to learn around these parts.

It's true. All manners of wild things. 

For instance: Alibaster recently learned to make beautiful benches with their own bare hands with a little help from our pals at Rebuilding Exchange.

Nate's been tinkering with game development, you know, for mobile devices. (Ask him about Cats vs. Zombies.) 

Just last weekend, after 6 hours of listening, stirring and simmering, Dawn mastered the art of making decadent sauces.

Our lust for knowledge is powerful and all-consuming. So naturally, we've got regular "Lunch-n-Learns" at the studio. Every month, one of us leads a lunch-time workshop on any topic of our choosing. Could be related to our work, our passion projects, our pets , whatever.

Lunchin-n-Learnin, Showing-n-Growing

When it was Tom's month, he took us through the strange birth and evolution of political ideology in the Western world. Will schooled us in the terrifying and awesome power of Creative Cloud libraries. Tyler gave us a dope guide to clean living, including homemade recipes for all-natural cleaners and toiletries. 

Last month, it was MY TURN.  

As someone who spends all day every day thinking about words and the best possible way to mash them together at any given moment, I used the opportunity to talk about writing. More specifically, I wanted to give everyone some quick, easy tips for writing more clearly and confidently. 

I'm not trying to put myself out of a job or anything. Everyone here writes. Everyone everywhere writes. You write emails every day, I bet. Sometimes you fire 'em off, no problem. But maybe other times, it takes you an hour to phrase a question just right, you're not sure if you're making sense, or you get hung up wondering if you're using too many—or not enough!—exclamation points.

If that latter bit got you nodding along, good news pal. I've got some slides for you. 

Write like the wind, my doves.