Office Dogs: A Primer

Nov 19, 2015 – by Kristin

Sometimes, we bring our dogs to work.

Img 3241

This is Josh. Josh, if you can believe it, is a Very Good Boy. 

He's also a foster brother.

Lt Down And Josh The Pit Bull Kissing

Maybe you recognize Lieutenant Dan from the internet. He's kind of a big deal.

He also responds to "Frog," "The Frog," "Frogman," "Froggy," or "lookit him go!" 


And this?

Img 3241

This is Mimsy. She's a little bit blind and descended from wolves. One must take care to avoid stepping on Mimsy. 

And then there is this big beautiful baby.

Img 5658

Computer: ENHANCE.

Img 3241

Neko is stone deaf and DTGP (down to get pet). 

Img 3241

And of course there is Rufus, who is perfect. A touch gassy when he naps, but let they who are without sin cast the first stone, you know?

Have you pet a dog today?