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Tfx Process Week2 009

Typeforce X Process Vol. 2

Electric Boogaloo

Feb 13, 2019 – by Will

This past week we’ve been in assembly line mode. Our piece for this year’s Typeforce involves a wood form repeated many times, but due to its complexity, this means lots and lots of cuts.

Tfx Process Week2 001

After making a single prototype to prove the idea, we spent a bunch of time getting the set-up right: making jigs, building tools and buying way more clamps than we expected. Only after everything was dialed-in did we start production.

Tfx Process Week2 002

We had a huge amount of material to cut — so much we often couldn’t get finished in one work session. In addition to ensuring accuracy, having a strong set-up meant that we could easily hand off tasks, one person jumping in where another left off.

Tfx Process Week2 003

We wanted to avoid using nails or waiting for glue to dry, so we used finger joints locked together with a dowel. Everything went smoothly until we hit the lap joint at the middle of the unit. At first we made the cut with a handheld router, but this wasn’t accurate enough. We solved this by building a jig for the CNC router, which gave us spot-on results every time.

Tfx Process Week2 004
Tfx Process Week2 006
Tfx Process Week2 007

After a bunch of nights and part of the weekend, we’re finally done constructing all the forms. We’re feeling good that things are on-schedule so we can avoid emergencies in the final hour. Next step: fire up the soldering irons for the lighting elements.