Firebelly Design



We’re always looking for bigger, smarter ways to impact lives and do good.

Seeing tremendous opportunities (and a responsibility) to engage more broadly with the Chicago community beyond our design work, we’ve established a grantmaking program, a nonprofit organization and an annual typographic art show.

  • Our Collaboration

    Grant for Good

    twitter: @grant4good
    facebook: grantforgood

    The annual Grant for Good awards a year’s worth of full-scale marketing, design and business planning services to one deserving nonprofit organization.

    Conceived of in 2004 as a way to support local organizations, the program expanded in 2010 when some of Chicago's most talented and socially conscious media firms came on board to donate their time and expertise.

    Grant Recipients 

    2015: Plant Chicago
    2014: Reason to Give
    2013: Global Citizenship Experience
    2012: Elevarte Community Studio
    2011: Chicago Women’s Health Center
    2010: Neighborhood Parents Network
    2009: Young Chicago Authors
    2008: Arise Chicago
    2007: Safe School Alliance
    2006: Chicago Abortion Fund
    2005: Faith in Place
    2004: Anchor Graphics
    2003: Women in the Director’s Chair
  • Our Nonprofit

    Firebelly Foundation


    A 501(c)3 certified organization housed in Chicago’s Humboldt Park, the Foundation directly provides goods and services to underserved families, advocates for social equity and innovation, and provides training and resource support for the next generation of conscientious designers and social entrepreneurs.

The Venues

  • Reason to Give

    twitter: @reasontogive
    facebook: reasontogive

    Our flagship program founded in 2007 impacting the lives of Humboldt Park residents, Reason to Give allows online shoppers to directly purchase or donate money toward goods that children and families genuinely need. Participants of the program attend monthly educational workshops taught by professionals on everything from computer skills and financial planning to healthy eating on a budget and active parenting, giving them the tools + resources to help them help themselves.

  • Camp Firebelly

    twitter: @campfirebelly
    facebook: campfirebelly

    An intensive 10-day immersion experience that invites talented young designers from around the world to occupy the studio, Camp Firebelly challenges students to address social issues through a collaborative project of their own design.

  • Firebelly U

    twitter: @firebellyu
    facebook: firebellyu

    Created to inspire established designers to become social entrepreneurs, Firebelly University functions as a start-up incubator. FU provides organizational and resource support to help aspiring innovators develop their ideas into fully realized, sustainable social enterprises. 

    Currently on hiatus.